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needs moar Ulquihime.
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: In a house. Amazing.
Favourite genre of music: I listen to all kinds of music :D
Favourite photographer: I don't know T_T
Favourite style of art: I don't like anime style too much any more ._.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Itunes, Winamp
Shell of choice: turtles
Wallpaper of choice: KH <3
Skin of choice: pale skin :D
Favourite cartoon character: I don't remember o____o;;
Personal Quote: "What?"
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Calling to the Night
  • Watching: MGS4 TRAILERS GAH.
  • Playing: SSB BRAAAWL.
Remember, new account :icontheninjaomelet:

Meme below. I did it for the lulz.

1) What's your character's name?
Lily. Sometimes she gives herself strange names for no reason.

2) How old is he/she?
late twenties, early thirties. I guess 28.

3) Is your OC a boy or girl?

4) What's his/her race?
Human. But sometimes she thinks she's an alien.


1) If this character were to suddenly become part of the real world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
She is in the real world LOL.

2) Is your character considered normal in his/her own world?
Well, she's drunk a lot. So she's considered...eccentric.

3) What would be his/her most recognizable feature(s)?
The way she walks. It's either very suave and graceful or strange and twisty.

4) Would you consider your OC as attractive?
Meh. I didn't intend to make her beautiful so I'd say no.


1) Temper?
She's pretty level headed. Other times, she'll blow up on you like she's on PMS.

2) Does your character ever get depressed?
Oh yeah.

3) Leader or Follower?
Follower, though she seems like a leader. She's not much of a fighter.

4) What is the main aspect(s) of his/her personality?
She's sarcastic and cynical. I think she and Solid Snake would be good friends because she would never flirt with him and if he started flirting with her (because we all know he digs younger women), she would smash a beer bottle over his head. When she's drunk, she's...well, she's not herself. Very blunt also. A party pooper most of the time. Likes to speak in metaphors and such.


1) Did your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive?
She has a brother and parents. Meh, I don't know why it's like my family but I guess it's because I think my family's cool. SO DEAL WITH IT.

2) Is your character out on his/her own? If so, why?
Yup. She lives alone and usually does errands alone. She's a very emo little girl and so she doesn't want to be close to people, especially after with incident with that guy :c

3) Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events?
...Well, she caught the guy she liked with another woman. Which was pretty traumatizing in her opinion.

4) What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
Dying Uh, I don't know.


1) Single?

2) Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Yes. And it ended up ruining her life. D:

3) Virgin?

4) Does your character like flirting?
No, but sometimes she does on accident.


1) What animal would you associate your OC with?
A raven. Why? I don't know.

2) Musical Instrument?
A violin, I suppose. I tried to avoid violin because EVERYONE picks a violin. So you know what? SCRATCH THAT. VIOLA <3

3) Element?

4) Planet?
The Earth lulz. If you know how I think, you would know why.

Showing the Love

1) Do you draw your character?
Uh huh.

2) Do you write about him/her?
Yes. But more than you think.

3) Do you use him/her in any rpgs?

4) What other ways have you appreciated your OC?
I drew a lily for her c:


1) Is your character wanted for anything?
ASSAULT AND BATTERY. But I think she got rid of that.

2) What are three weaknesses in him/her?
She drinks a lot.
She smokes a lot.
She's depressed a lot.

3) Strengths?
The only thing that could kill her was herself.
Even liver problems and cancer couldn't do anything.
She has a knack for self defense using alcohol.

4) Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)?
...Yes. Excessively.

5) What's one quirk about your him/her?
She likes to converse with hobos. She thinks they're very nice.

6) Does your character have any phobias?
She has a phobia of um. Something.

7) What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
Um, I'd rather not say.

8) Does your OC like chickens?
She rather likes them, though she prefers fish.

The Final Question

What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
I don't think she likes me, even though I'm her biographer. D:

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Switching accounts on me while I have a severe lack of internets! The horrors! :eart:
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